Eden Mill - Golden Promise Pale Malt

Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery has released some of their 1 year old spirits made with different types of barley. This gives a look into their whisky that is ageing and what style they are going for. The first casks were filled in 2014 so we have to wait till 2017 at least to see the results but lot of fun to taste the 1 year old spirits next to each other.

But even more fun is the possibility to taste the new make of this expression next to the 1 year old. Starting with the edition labelled 'St Andrews Day 2015' bottled at 43% and made with golden promise pale malt and matured in French virgin oak. The new make is at still strength.

New Make
Honey, Turkish delight, sugarcane, pancakes, raspberry, strawberry, grapefruit, green apples and caramel syrupy notes on the nose. From the palate I get these same flavours giving a sweet and creamy feel with vanilla, light elder flower juice note and some powdered sugar.  

Spirit - 1 year old
The nose has become less sweeter then the new make and carries more wood and floral notes. The malty, syrupy and honeyed fruity feeling is been pushed back a bit. Lots of pastry notes coming through and with soaked fruit cake. That elder flower juice note is back again very strongly for me combined with some apple blossom and young wood chips. On the palate the creamy fruit and malty notes, fudge, mocha, mixed nuts, spices and rich pastry notes come back more clearer, seeing the new make notes now a bit better coming through then on the nose. A very sweet mouth feel is left on the finish with loads of sweet mango juice, vanilla and fudge sticking to your teeth. I am curious to see what the maturation does with this and if the younger wood notes are not going to get to strong. That would be a shame of the malty and fruity spirit. Thanks Eden Mill for providing the new make to put these next to each other! 

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