Gordon & MacPhail - Imperial 1991

A while back in a shop a whisky sample was spotted high on the shelf of this expression from Gordon & MacPhail. It is a sample that says that it is from the Imperial Distillery and distilled in 1991, and bottled at 43%. 

Sadly I have trouble finding more information online about the age and maturation so if anyone knows I would love to know more about it. The bottle code says JF/JJBH, and from what I could find this should be translated as 06/0028. This then would be a 1991/2006 bottling batch 0028? But as said, got nothing confirmed online about this all...

Just recently back from Scotland and Thomas and I are processing all the impressions from our visit to the Dalmunach Distillery in an article for WhiskySpeller that now is build on the old Imperial site, it seems like the right time to have a look at this sample. 

On the nose lots of sweet and ripe fruits. Lots of red and green apples, breakfast cereal, baking spices, banana, vanilla, powder sugar, biscuits, honey, raisins, plums and some light almond note in the back. 
Getting the feeling here might be some sherry cask influence going on for sure. Berries, light cassis note, blackcurrant jam, ginger syrup and red pepper. 

This all continues lovely through to the palate. A warm, creamy and fruity feeling. Rich lush cakes with mocha and other vanilla creamy custard fillings. Red summer fruits on top of these cakes, dry cinnamon, pomegranate, cranberry, nuts, honey, different citrus fruits, fresh wood shavings and apples. 

The finish is of medium length and sweet with loads of vanilla, honey, spices and a  hint of dark chocolate and coffee. Scoring this whisky an 8,5 out of 10. Really a shame it is just a sample... :-) 

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