Glenlivet - 15 year old

Three years ago, back in 2013, I had a look at the Glenlivet 15 year old expression. At the recent #TheGlenlivetCipher Twitter Tasting there was another chance to look at this one after the Founders Reserve and the 12 year old. Compared to these two I found this to be more something that I like, it had more body and character to it. Bottled at 40% and matured in French Limousin oak, not a full maturation but small amounts for a couple of years.

The nose is just like the other two filled with sweet fruit and toffee notes. Creamy vanilla, raisins, green apples and grass. Getting a bit the feeling of not fully matured fruit, just not there yet. Hinting towards banana and pineapple notes after a bit with some coconut shavings. On the palate, just like the nose, a fruity and creamy sweet array of notes. Honeyed fruit notes, red summer fruits, rice pudding, oranges, marzipan, almond shavings, lemon and apple strudel. Medium length finish that has some sweet vanilla and spices going through it. Easy drinking and sweet. Scoring me an 7,5 out of 10. Really have to have another look at their expressions again to make new notes if you see how things can change over time.

2013 notes 
The nose has notes of mango, honey, vanilla, banana, grapefruit, toffee and pineapple. On the palate spices, cloves, pepper, honey, green herbs, vanilla, bit woody, caramel, nuts and figs. Finish is warm and sweet. But with a bit dry finish. Scoring it an 6,5 out of 10

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