Spey - 18

At the Speyside Distillery during the tour a dram of the 18 year old expression was shared. This is bottled at 46% and matured in Sherry casks.

The nose starts with notes of creamy vanilla and cherry cheesecake combined with woodpolish and dried plums. It are all soft tones and find it a bit mellow must say. Letting it breath for a bit gives me some lemon bitter and some dryer wood notes.

Coming to the front after a bit are caramel, nougat, demerara sugar, the creamy changing into waxy, cinnamon, orange peel, soft ginger and some nuts...

On the palate I find lots of the same as found on the nose. It is a bit woody and also vanilla creamy sweetness combined with berries, citrus fruits, creamy and some dry spices. The finish is of medium length and mostly showing the bit dry spices and wood note.

There are noticeable notes of the sherry cask influence for sure but the total picture of the nose and palate together I find a bit mellow almost. But on the other side it has a very sugary, almost molasses kind of feeling on the teeth at the end, that is too strong for my taste. Scoring it an 7/10 for this moment. Need to come back to this one on a later moment for another look at it.

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