The Grainman - Strathclyde 24 years old

The Grainman recently released a line of different grain expressions. Last couple of weeks I already looked at the Port Dundas, Carsbridge and Cambus expressions.

This time I will take a closer look at the release from the Strathclyde distillery that is aged for 24 years. Distilled on December 1991 and bottled in January 2016, after being matured in a bourbon barrel #247852, producing 234 bottles at 54,5%.

The nose has for me some sweet blood oranges, pomolo, canned tangerines, mixed fruit syrup, vanilla, whole grain pancakes with maple syrup and Greek yoghurt with blue berries. Sweet, creamy and reminding me of candy canes you get at a carnival.

Lovely sweet and rich palate like the nose but also showing some more honeyed malt notes with some different nuts in the breakfast cereal with dried cranberries. Red berries, cassis, blackcurrant, kiwi fruit, strawberry, vanilla, candied ginger and cherry.

Could have been longer on the finish and leaves a bit dry wood tannin feeling after the sweet notes fade away, like of dry grapes and grape pits. It is a nice dram for sure but not making me super enthusiastic. Scoring it an 7,5 out of 10. Thanks Andy for sharing it!

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