SMWS 76.110 Summer Fruit Salad With Cream

The SMWS release from the Mortlach distillery called 76.110 " Summer Fruit Salad With Cream" is distilled on the 24th of April 1986 and matured in a refill ex bourbon hogshead producing after 27 years at 58,80% in total 242 bottles.

On the nose I first get some baked banana on the BBQ, vanilla, raisins, red apple, butterscotch, milk chocolate, oak, baking spices, cardamom, creamy and fruit. Tasting some I find it sweet and creamy just like the nose I would say on the first impression, but then it slowly changes in more a combination of floor wax and honeysuckle. It has some great fresh fruit notes in it and showed me also some fennel, cinnamon, anise and nutmeg.

Fresh candied lemon, ginger, orange, white chocolate and vanilla pods change slowly to some more heavier fruit notes mixed with soft oak. The medium length finish has a lot of raisin, dried cranberry, toffee, maple syrup and honey on it. It has lots of sweet fruit notes but the candy sweet notes overpower them a bit. Both on the nose as palate I am getting after a bit some warm grilled pineapple and carrot cake. Scoring me an 8 out of 10. Very sweet but lovely dram. 

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