Gordon & Macphail - The MacPhail's Collection - Bunnahabhain 8 year old - Heavily peated

This expression from Gordon & Macphail comes from the Bunnahabhain distillery and is matured in a refill ex-Sherry butt and is bottled on 18/04/2014 at 43%. For The Wood makes the Whisky campaign they have send over a sample of this one. In 2014 we purchased a bottle of it and made some notes. It was emptied far too quickly sadly so glad to have another chance to see what I now find of it. On my first look at it I found the following.

Sweet nose, light peaty, raisin sweet, heather honey, chive, sharp citrus, something candy and mint, and orange chocolate sweets. Some soft stone fruits like mango, biscuit, warm baking spices, red apples, ginger, cinnamon, candy syrup, slight note of clove, rich vanilla, and many many rich fruit notes almost more tropical when sitting a while longer in the glass.

Creamy palate, peaty, chocolate, bit salty, lots of dried fruits, biscuits, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, candy syrup, bit earthy, lavender, heather, a honey marinaded ham. Mandarines, dried apple, pomolo and some great other citrus notes. A good length finish. Bit sweet and a bit dry cocoa, with dried fruits, dried apples, mandarin and some pomolo. Scoring me an 7,5 out of 10. A balanced, sweet, and fruity dram. It is not overly strong on the nose and palate, but very nice. Looking at money for value wise, this bottle is around 35 euro and is great! If you would not know that it is 8 years old you would not say it...

Reading my earlier notes I am thinking what more would I be able to add to this long list of notes all ready found. Still loving the sweetness and spices in it on the nose. The soft creamy peat on the palate with many fruit notes of citrus, different berries, cassis, elderflower jam and pomegranate... Great dram. Thanks for sharing the sample Gordon & Macphail!

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