Abbey Whisky - Anon

You know the feeling of week after week your taste and smell senses just left you, and you keep struggling with that though cold? This is what has happened in the last weeks to me, and since a couple of days the last remaining bits seem to have dissipated and let me enjoy a good dram ones more. 

There was a sample from Abbey Whisky that was delivered a bit back but this cold ruined it for me to enjoy anything, so it was sitting there, looking at me. Waiting. And waiting a bit more. Sorry guys that it took this long to review it. But were back and diving in it today! So what is this expression called Anon?

It was distilled in 2001 at a Highland distillery. Batch 1 has been aged for 13 years in total, with the last 6 months of maturation spent in an Oloroso sherry cask. Bottled in 2015 at cask strength 51,5%. Have a look at the Abbey website for some more information. 

On the nose it is fresh, sweet, creamy and full. Very promising. Getting some lime, pink grapefruit, clementines, powder sugar, rich vanilla, thick cream and raisin. You can feel the influence of the sherry cask finish but it is not too heavy present. The light note of prunes, dried fruits and leather are combining lovely with the fresh and sweet fruit notes. Next to the citrus notes I could find some malt, honey, apples and kiwi fruit more in the front and a light dried mango and pineapple note in the back. Maybe some dry spicy notes like nutmeg lingering also in the back?

This all continues beautifully on the palate and it deliver what it promises on the nose. The warming rich notes of honey and sultana's are strong and with all the creamy fruit it makes me think almost a bit of a very lush fruitcake, or the poffert my grandma made with dried fruits, densely packed like a Christmas pudding and served with warm milk (with added some brown caster sugar). It has a very rich taste and good length finish to it. Scoring it a good 8 out of 10. Great dram from Abbey Whisky ones more, thanks for sharing guys! 

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