Wemyss Malts - The Hive (2015)

From Wemyss Malts we got a lovely package for the #WemyssTT4. In this was a sample of the Hive. What can they tell us about this one?
The Hive uses a signature malt from Speyside, giving citrus and honeyed top notes. For Spice King, the signature malt we use is from the Highlands and Islands, to produce a whisky with rich, full and spicy top notes. Peat Chimney uses an Islay signature malt to give top notes of sweet smoke, salt and peat. 
Bottled at 46% alcohol strength and non-chill filtered, the new no age statement whiskies are robust and full of flavour like their aged counterparts yet offer a different take on the taste profiles. Three new ways for you to explore the whisky regions of Scotland. The range has 8 and 12 year old age expressions bottled at 40% to create smooth and rounded whiskies.
On the nose there is for sure sweetness. But with a marmalade side and strong oranges to it. The feeling of bees wax, warm spices, cherry blossom, honey, red apple and banana came to mind shortly after. 

The palate is both sweet and a bit bitter. Feels like honey suckle and heavy marmalade are mixed together.
There is fruit sweetness underneath with some floral notes. Some porridge notes with vanilla and dried fruits. Finish feels medium length and a bit dry spices and light wood note come forward. 

Scored the 12 year old a 7/10 before, and doing the same with this one. I can feel there is a slight difference to the 12 year old I had before, a bit more punch and stronger notes. But this could just be the difference between 40 and 46%. Still don't like the bitter after-taste on it. Too much orange marmalade for me. But can imagine if you love that kind of notes this is a sweet and rich blended malt. 

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