Mackmyra Iskristall

Mackmyra is one of my favourites for sure and I was very happy when a sample was offered of the Iskristall to explore. What do they tell us about this expression?
The whisky Iskristall (Ice Chrystal) from Mackmyra is the third edition in a standalone season series that has followed the popular Mackmyra Special series. Mackmyra Iskristall is an exciting mix of flavors that come together in a final maturation on casks that has previously stored Pedro Ximenes sherry. Bottled at 46,1%. The result is a spicy whisky with sweet raisin notes, caramel and vanilla. Powerful and clean, like the winter air in the Swedish mountains. Soft-warming, like the last embers of the fireplace. Versatile but perfectly balanced.
Nosing and tasting it I found it to be balanced, soft, velvet, sweet, spices and fresh. Sweet floral and fruit notes combined very nicely with the forest notes and the bit acidic citrus notes on the other side. Making it a warming but also fresh dram.

Notes like clover honey, pine, lemon, oranges, vanilla, raisin, spices, dried fruits, red apple, toffee, pipe tobacco, pear, red summer fruit, gooseberry, pink grapefruit, profiterole, soft herbal notes, chocolate, red berries, blackcurrant, rich fruit cake and thick cream.

Fresh forrest notes coming up like from new leaves, nettles and combined with baking spices and a light wood note, but not interfering. Making me think of the smell of a pine cone and also some buttercups, just a light floral note in the back.  The finish is of a medium length, balanced, and leaving a rich vanilla, cocoa, raisin, white pepper and cinnamon feel. Score of this one will be 8 out of 10 for sure, loving this, and going to hunt for a full bottle for sure! Thanks for sharing Werner!

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