Clynelish - Hielander Festival bottling 2013 ( #5718 - 1997/2012 )

For the Hielander Whisky Festival 2013 there was a lovely bottling from the Clynelish distillery produced. Cask 5718 was filled with spirit on 21/05/1997 and bottled at 10/12/12 at 58,2%. In total 121 bottles were released for sale at the festival.

The nose is sweet, creamy, rich and has that fatty nose so typical for Clynelish. Dense fruit, red apple, fudge, floral, orange marmalade, mango, dense sweet ginger. Bit chocolate, tropical fruit and spices. 

With a good dash of water added it gives more (dried) fruit richness and sweet notes. It really can handle a very large amount of water added very well. On the palate you find the same notes of the nose that give a warm and sweet dram. 

Some red chilli pepper, ginger bread, cocoa powder, clover honey, rich vanilla and raisin are added to the growing list of notes. Lovely medium length creamy, warm and sweet finish. Making me think of grilled pineapple, scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sprinkles on top. Very enjoyable dram and glad we got a bottle at the festival. Giving this an 8 out of 10 easy.

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