Braunstein Danica Whisky - Peated

The Danish distillery Braunstein produces the Danica whisky, in a non peated and peated version. Matured in Bourbon casks, bottled at 42% and with batch no 10-06-2015.

Light smoke and salt note. Sweet fruit and honey below the wood fire notes. Mixture of red and green apples. Herbal notes like thyme and rosemary, malt, granola, equaliptus, heather, demerara sugar, vanilla pods, raisin, apricots, banana, creamy and a hint of fresh pink grapefruit.

Sweet and smoky. Makes me think immediately about standing on a rocky beach in the early morning, beside the residues of the big fire from last night that has gone out, and filling the air with a fresh burned wood/ashy and light salty note. Lovely fresh and light equaliptus and soft herbal note running through it. Fresh sweet ripe fruits like mango, hint of pineapple, oranges, bananas, red apple and dried figs.

Malty creamy layer underneath with honey notes and soft pastry dough covered with powdered sugar, anise and custard. Feels more balanced to me then the unpeated version. That had a bit harsh citrus note in it. Here it seems to be more blending in to it all, and making it fresh, fruity and sweet. But not to sweet.

Not too long, and fades with me quite fast. Would have loved it to be a bit longer, but still lovely relaxed dram to enjoy for sure. Bit soft vanilla and fruit notes left in the end...

Scoring this one an 7,5 out of 10. Would love to have a bottle in the collection. Fresh and sweet. I get the feeling this expression is more showing the spirit of the distillery then the non peated where maybe the Sherry influence was too high? Thanks Werner for sharing it!

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