SMWS 127.37 Port Charlotte - "Dinosaurs dancing to Stravinsky" - Tasting Notes

We got a very nice sample sent over by Yoav a while back of the SMWS 127.37 Port Charlotte, a 9 year old bottling called "Dinosaurs dancing to Stravinsky". Bottled at 66.5%, non-chill filtered and natural colour. Looked forward to making some notes on this one for a bit now... so lets go shall we?

Bonfire, charcoal, sweet fruits, red apple, sweet, dark honey, apricots, mango, spices, chilli pepper, warm, tobacco, prunes, tropical fruits, liquerish, anise, toffee

Sweet, smoke, warm, bonfire, fruit, honey, like the notes on the nose. Chilli pepper and first lots of charcoal, bit dry mixed with tobacco and some dark chocolate and fruit coming to the front after that. Dried fruits, heather, woody herbs, liquerish and sweet floral notes also. Then after searching a bit behind the charcoal I find more tropical fruits, anise, cinnamon, rich vanilla, raisin, toffee, cranberry, raspberry, black current, creamy and chocolate

Long finish, sweet and bit dry wood/charcoal notes with a hint of cherry. In the end finished with chocolate notes and crème brulee. 

Scoring 8,5 out of 10. A complex, full and balanced dram. It keeps developing, wow just beautiful. Thanks Yoav for sharing!

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