Makers Mark

We all know the bottle with the red head, dipped in the signature wax and dripping over the bottle. But not had the Makers Mark before crazy enough. In a masterclass at Whisky Live in the Hague I had the chance for a quick nose and taste and it was not disappointing with this very accessible and smooth Bourbon.

The nose is very sweet and some corn notes, lots of vanilla, light tobacco, creamy and light liquerish note in the back. The palate is much like the notes on the nose combined with some dry tobacco, pepernoten, spices and very smooth. The finish is not so long and a bit dry. But very enjoyable all together. Something to get another dram of sometime and make some more complete notes on it. For now it scored me a 6,5 out of 10, but think it did not reveal all its secrets yet to me. So time to find it again and sit down with it.

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