Jim Beam - Signature Craft 12 yo

At the Whisky Live The Hague we had the pleasure to attend a masterclass where the new release of Jim Beam was also presented. The Signature Craft 12 years old had his big release at the festival, and we enjoyed it very much.

The nose is fresh, sweet and soft. Full of vanilla, raisin, red apples, caramel, corn, gingerbread, with a citrus and mint freshness mixed through it. Very pleasant and rich nose. There are lots of spices in here I cant lay my finger on at the moment, but it feels warm and rich.

On the palate at first there is some chili pepper, peppermint, citrus, fruits and more flavours like the nose. The taste of the milk or white chocolate bonbons filled with soft cream filling. Very smooth with a soft medium finish.

Gave this nice, spicy and fruity expression of Jim Beam a very good 7 out of 10, going to 7,5. Really love to get me a bottle of it and make some more notes on it and fine tune. This is a very promising one and more to get out of it then this quick nosing and tasting let me get.

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