Isle of Jura - Hogshead 4768 - 1997/2011 - Tasting Notes

The Isle of Jura whiskies normally don't please us hugely sadly. We just don't seem to hit the spot with them. But after Maltstock when packing in the car Jock  gave us a sample out of his car to try. This is a cask sample from the Isle of Jura distillery, distilled in 1997 and drawn from the cask on 28/09/11. Matured in hogshead 4768 and at 56,3%

Not disappointed at all after tasting this! Great dram, and still trying to find out what it is that I don't like about the official bottlings, because this one is very nice!

The nose is sweet and fruity with some citrus freshness like lemon, pomolo and pink grapefruit. Sweetness from toffee, banana and almost going tropical fruit a bit at first. Then some more heavier notes with earthy (clay) and salty tones come by just a bit, making the fruit freshness come down a bit. But not unpleasant at all mixed with the heavier notes.

On the palate I found lots of fruits, honey, sweetness, lots of apricots, toffee, and more notes like on the nose. Some milk chocolate, some white pepper in the back, biscuits, vanilla and very creamy. The finish was quite a good one, sweet, fruity and hint of pink grapefruit coming back. Scoring this one a 7,5 out of 10. Love me a bottle of this. I gonna keep trying Jura expressions and see if I can get to the bottom of it, this proves to me again, the spirit I like very much and this straight from the cask sample really shows it! Thanks Jock for sharing!

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