Tomatin - Cù Bòcan 1989 - Tasting Notes

The bearded man 
Tasting the Cù Bòcan 1989 Limited Edition from Tomatin. Compiled out of Bourbon casks 37470, 37471 and 37472 distilled on 7th June 1989. Released in April 2014 at 53,2%.

NoseSweet, toffee, smoldering campfire, bit heather, galia melon, pear, mixed forest fruits, vanilla, fruits, raisin, chili pepper, dark chocolate, spice, ginger, chili pepper, after eight mint and some citrus

Creamy, sweet, warm, fudge, chocolate, fruit, pear, melon, pharma ham, honey, vanilla, light dry smoke note, but the sweet is on top for sure! Forrest fruit, berries, liquerish and some mint in the back. Creme brulee and almost tropical fruit notes and some coconut. Raisin, warm spices, orange juice and black berries

Medium to long finish, with sweet, vanilla and brownies notes lingering on for a bit

8,5 out of 10. Loved this one when tasting first at the distillery, and was very grateful Johanne shared this one out of her samples with us for another good taste. Now want a bigger bottle :-)

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