Plantation Rum - 2001 - Jamaica

At the Whisky & Rum aan Zee Festival I got to try some lovely Plantation rums in our explorations into the world of rum. These really gave me the feel I was looking for in a rum, full and rich of flavours.

Made some quick notes on it while at the festival. This one scored me an 8 out of 10 and would love to buy a bottle! These rums is really something you should look out for.

The nose was sweet with a hint of fresh lime leaf. The palate and nose were very similar and it felt balanced. Creamy, sweet, lemon, sugar cane(soft), buttery cocoa, liquerish, soft fruits, honey and baking spices. It gave me a feel of rich chocolate cake or a lush chocolate muffin. Almond spice, powder sugar and rich other baking notes coming to mind.

A medium to long finish with sweet notes, vanilla, rich, and raisins. Lovely full and rich expression of these rums!

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