Damoiseau rum

At the Whisky & Rum aan Zee Festival there was a stand that had Damoiseau rums. Had a taste of the 5 and 8 year old expression and made some quick notes on it.

8 year old
Nose is sweet, darker spices, molasses , fresh equaliptus, dark asian marinade, liquerish. Palate is filled with dark sugar, sweet spices, dark honey and has a warm feel to it.

The finish is medium length and has something from dark liquerish dry feel to it. I gave it a small 7 out of 10.

5 year old
Nose has more freshness then the 8 yo, more sweet and dried fruits. Citrus fresh, vanilla, raisin, dried plums and Turkish delights come to mind. The palate is sweet and also very dry, like instant mouth dry.

The finish is medium length and has something of heavy dark heather honey. There is a bitter on the finish that is not something I like, and is very dark liquerish.

Its not bad, but not scoring it higher then a small 7 out of 10. Not something I would go for directly. But that is more due to the very very dry mouth feel left behind.

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