Tomatin - Cuatro Series - Fino Sherry Finish - Tasting Notes

In the Twitter Tasting of Tomatin, organized by The Whisky Wire we got the possibility to taste the new Cuatro Series next to each other, all with different Sherry finishes. First up was the Fino Sherry.

Distilled in 2002, transferred in 2011 for the finish in a Fino Sherry Butt, and then bottled at 12 years old in 2014. Bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and no coloring added. Also in the Cuatro Series can be found the following finishes; Manzanilla, Oloroso and PX. All with the same specifics. 

Hay, citrus, green apple, rosehip and hint of vinegar strangely. Some vanilla in the back and lots of sweat notes. It is a mix of fruit, floral and a bit mossy. At first the sour notes are bit high, like white wine, sour white grapes. But then it becomes more citrus sponge cake, pear juice and overripe melon

Green sour apples and gooseberry at first. Then some lime, vanilla, liquerish and creamy white chocolate toned the sour notes down. Raisin, cereal, fruit cake and ripe mango.

The medium length finish gives you a coating of the white chocolate and sultanas in your mouth, very sweet with a hint of lime in the back.

It was clear that this one needs some time to open up a bit. The nose was for me at first a bit too sour, just as the palate was at first. But the palate quickly changed and giving strong sweet notes. It is a nice dram, but not sure if it is a finish I would reach for instantly in the shop. Giving it a 7 out of 10 for now.

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