The New Zealand Whisky Collecion - Single Cask 1990 - 23 YO - Tasting Notes

Tasting a lovely single cask bottling from the New Zealand Whisky Collection, release 1990, 23 years old. What can they tell us about this one before we dive into our glass to explore it?

These are single cask, cask strength bottlings. Each with hand written numbers and details. Current releases are 1992, 1990, and 1989. A true collector’s items.
Average ABV’s
1992 - 52%
1990 - 62%
1989 - 55%

Our Cask Strength range of Single Malts is a collectible series for the discerning drinker. Aged between 20 and 26 years, these are hand bottled straight from the wood at our Oamaru Cellar Door. No two barrels are exactly the same, so these always have a pleasant surprise up their sleeve. With alcohol content between 49-60%, these Single Malts will satisfy the inquisitive pallet and provide a tasting experience that cannot ever be repeated.

The sample we got from Erik Burgess and the label tells us it is at 63,5%. After giving it a quick sniff, it was clear that it was strong on the nose, and definitely needed a bit of water to smooth it a bit for the nose and palate. Then the party and fun began.

Sticky toffee pudding at first in my glass. Citrus and many floral notes follow with a strong breeze of menthol in it for a bit. Then the roses return with a hint of rye bread and honey suckle. More flower notes like lily (an oriental sweet smelling version) and primrose. Moving on now to the kitchen and getting raisin, cherry, honey, fennel, nutmeg, cookie dough, fudge, lime, pink grapefruit, dark chocolate, vanilla, meringue, crepes, and creamy. A very rich nose.

Warm and spicy at first with some nutmeg, honey, cinnamon, macadamia nuts and cocoa powder.
Some fondant and marzipan notes, with red apples, and there is the sticky toffee pudding appearing again.
Fresh citrus notes coming through the heavier sweet notes after a bit, with some off the flower notes from the nose also coming back. Many notes from the nose can be found back on the palate. A rich and balanced dram it is for sure.

Medium length finish. Bit the cocoa, cinnamon with honey and vanilla riding it out until the end...

At 63,5%, and giving this much strong flavors, and having such a kick it just was surprising to us.
Balanced and rich is the way to describe it, and to be enjoyed slowly. This one gets an 8,5 out 10 from me for sure, wow, love to have more of this beauty for sure.

For more information on The New Zealand Whisky please have a look at their website and discover the different expressions. Was the first time for us tasting whisky from New Zealand and we got send the 21 year old and 15 year old next to this one from Erik Burgess. Absolutely loving it, and love to find some of it in the shops here somewhere, but also wanting more and more to take the trip down there, that we are wanting to do for so long and just visit them. How much can we bring back on the plain from New Zealand? Mhmm lets find out :-) 

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