Isle of Arran - Single Cask #414 Sherry 1997-2013 - Tasting Notes

Sweet dried fruits, pear, banana, apples, plums. Tropical fruit notes, vanilla, fudge, mocka and chocolate.

Its a rich fruit desert with ice cream and chocolate. Some Victoria sponge cake and a fresh mint tea on the side.

Honey, tropical fruits, chocolate, chili pepper, raisin, sweet, dried apricots, figs, and vanilla.

Some fudge and many many sweet fruit notes. The feeling of the nose continues on the palate, sweet and creamy.

Long finish, raisin, vanilla and dark chocolate. Maybe just a hint of some nuts in there at the end?

Scored an 8 out of 10, balanced and sweet dram. Very nice, glad to have brought a bottle home when visiting the distillery in 2013.  Distilled at 19/03/1997 and bottled at 05/03/2013. This is bottle 212 of 253 and bottled at 50,6%, a Single Cask distillery exclusive bottling.

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