Ardbeg - Supernova - Tasting Notes

Black pepper, coastal and seaweed notes, sweet dried fruits, sultana, soft citrus notes. Soft swirls of honey, peat and herbal notes. Many delicious fruit notes, liquerish, citrus thyme and mint. Juniper, elder flower and gooseberries...

Peaty, sweet, figs, prunes, apricots, lemon, orange, mint, chocolate, liquerish, heather honey. Some wood herbal notes like citrus thyme and rosemary. A pleasant mix of earthy and fruity notes.

Good finish with dark chocolate and raisins. Very sweet, fruity, coffee and tobacco notes.

8 out of 10. Lovely dram. Thomas had saved a little sample a couple of years ago of his bottle for a later taste. Very glad he did so I could enjoy this expression. Back then I was no good at all with peaty whisky sadly, and this one is peated to more than 100 parts per million. Lovely expression.

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