Twitter Tasting #MTWTA_5

There was a Twitter tasting from Whisky Girl, where we received two viles of a mystery whisky, and to tune in on the 17th of May. Did some nosing and tasting and came to the following conclusions. Did not gave scores to these, was a test to my senses this one...

Yellow tube

Sweet, raisin, vanilla, fruit, apple, mandarin, soft, cereal

Bittery, dry, very dry. Wood.

Cardboard, metallic, plastic

Nose is light and fruity, but very, very far away.
The palate is like biting in a piece of wood, with a bittery taste.
Do not like it very much due to the taste.
Not much in the palate to find. Musty and cardboard taste, of old wood, combined with metalic and plastic. Think my palate is broken...

I was thinking about a corn whisky, but it was a Feckin Irish Whiskey. Not for me this one. Maybe when I find this one have to taste again... #secondchance

Green tube

Fresh, fruit, vanilla, light toffee, pineapple, sweet, tropical fruits, just a hint of smoke.

Peppery first, with a dash of mint. Then sweet fruity flavours, like apricot, and then followed by nuts.

Bittery, nutty, short. Bit liquirish, sweet.

The pineapple is very strong on the nose, and a hint of smoke emerges. The nose is sweet and fresh, but not very strong. It reminds me of Speyside, but also of an Amrut Fusion, but also something totally different. Was going over all the places and flavours again and again, just know this one, but where...?

With a hint on the country I guessed it should be then a Greenspot, and was correct :-) Tasted this one at Leiden at the festival recently and that is why I think I had a familiar feeling to this one, but could not place it...  Had it in Leiden, and when I find a sample again, will do a better review of it.

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