Tasting - different base products

With a group of friends we got the idea to have a tasting with whisky's. But we wanted to do something different with it. We decided to try to get a range on the table based on different base products. So we ended up with a nice collection with some rye-, corn-, malt- and spelt- based products. Tasting notes can be found below, by clicking on the name.

Platte Valley
Zuidam - Dutch Rye 5Yo
Greenore Single Grain 8 YO 
Kintra 3rd Confidential Cask - 7 yoNoah's Mill
Eddu Gold
Zuidam - Korenwijn 5YO
Highland Harvest

It was very good night, with friends, fun and a interesting range of products. The Zuidam - Korenwijn is the only not whisky in the range, but we did not care for that one, because it is just so beautiful :-)

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