Bruichladdich - Black Art 4 - Tasting Notes

Apricots, cherry, mint, chocolate, caramel popcorn, warm, spices, oak, vanilla, custard, fudge, lime, marmalade, speculaas spices (dutch biscuit filled with warm wintery spices). Filled with heavy warm notes, and with fresh notes, just beautiful!

Creamy, orange, slightly woody, lemon, speculaas spices, vanilla, chocolate, plums, mango, soft sweet fruit. It just keeps coming...

Warm, again a bit wood, but just a bit. Sweet tones of liqeurish, fruits, and spices. It just keeps going... A long, long finish.

Tasted this one at the Masterclass at Bruichladdich (Feis Ile 2013), it is not released yet. Due to tasting this at the Masterclass there was not enough time to just sit, relax and do a full tasting notes on this beauty. Bought a edition 03.1 in the shop, due to this not being available yet. Have to come back to this one in a later time for sure :-) Scored a 9 out of 10.

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